Director of Education, Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center

Ustaaz Jamaal Uthman was the main student of a prominent graduate
of the Islamic University of Medina by the name of Dr. Amin Best.
Jamaal sat with the sheikh for years learning the Arabic language and
studying Islamic jurisprudence according to the school of Imam Shafi’i.
The Ustaaz also studied with multiple other Sheikhs and Imams like
Sheikh Hassan Ezzeldeen who is a prominent Sudanese Sheikh with a
PHD in Islamic studies and Imam Luqman Ahmad who is a Shafi’i scholar
from America and the Imam of Masjid Ibrahim for 20 years. He also
studied with Sheikh Ibrahim Smith who is an American Imam that
mastered the Arabic Language and is highly respected and known for
his teachings in Islamic studies. Jamaal Uthman went on to graduate
from Islamic Online University with his degree in Arabic Language and
linguistics and became the Arabic language teacher at Masjid Ibrahim
Islamic Center in Sacramento California. The Ustaaz taught multiple
Arabic Grammar courses while doing khutbahs and lectures on various
topics. He has also authored books on Arabic grammar in which he
teaches from in his courses at the Hadiqa Institute. Ustaaz Jamaal
Uthman is the founder and the Imam of the Hadiqa Institute of Arabic
and Islamic studies which was established in 2016.