Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center is not a Black community, nor a White community, or an Arab community, a Pakistani community, or  an Afghani community. Although many of our attendees are converts to islam, we are not a convert community. we are a community of Muslims from different backgrounds, nationalities, who  speak different mother languages, follow different schools of islamic traditional thought, and who are all simply Muslims, seeking to practice our faith. 

Fajr: 6:00

Thur: 1:00

Asr: 3:00

Maghrib: Sunset

Ishaa: 7:00

Jum'ah: 1:15 iqaama at 2:00

Salat times

Al-humdu lillaah 500 lbs of meat were distributed after salatul Jum'ah 10/30/15

Architectural plans of the proposed new Masjid

Asim Khan Architect